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Assessment Proposal

Strategic Assessment Proposal

Every business, large or small, is defined in large part by its resources (people, systems, processes etc.) and influenced by its assets (customers, suppliers etc.). Given the almost infinite number of combinations possible, every business is unique. However, there are certain characteristics that are common to high performing businesses that can be used as points of comparison in a Strategic Assessment Project.

  • They have a clearly stated vision and objectives
  • They invest in growth and efficiencies
  • They are committed to continuous improvement
  • They surround themselves with expert advisors
  • They will make quick decisions, measure results and adjust accordingly
  • They embrace technology and change
  • They hold their customers and suppliers in high regard

The Strategic Assessment will focus on the following six business elements with examples of the types of questions that will be asked –

  • Finance

    • When was the company founded?
    • Management structure?
    • How many employees?
    • Annual revenue? Seasonal?
    • Organization chart?
  • People

    • How are employee/client relationships?
    • Is customer satisfaction good?
    • Are employees experts in their industry and job?
    • Are processes documented?
    • Is there a training program?
  • Supply Chain

    • Who are the primary suppliers?
    • Are they reliable and a good value?
    • Who are the top customers?
    • What % of sales do the top three customers own?
    • Is there an active quality program?
  • Adaptability

    • How are changes in customer requirements handled?
    • How are disruptions in supplier performance handled?
    • Is infrastructure capable of quick expansion?
    • Are staffing levels responsive to changes in business?
  • Technology

    • What systems are being used?
    • How are they integrated?
    • Are networks and connectivity stable?
    • Is there any workflow automation in place?
    • Are reporting requirements being satisfied?
  • Communication

    • Are company’s vision and mission current and clearly stated?
    • Is communication within the supply chain proactive?
    • Are customer requirements clearly understood?
    • Are supplier capabilities and limitations clearly understood?

Within this review, processes would need to be observed, particularly any that are identified as being points of pain – i.e. high failure rates, inconsistent results, impacts to customer satisfaction etc.

An Assessment Proposal for your business will be tailored to your industry and your company. It will outline what the assessment objectives are, what benefits there will be for you, the results you can expect, and how the assessment will be done.

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