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An Overview Of Twitter For Business

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Last month, I gave an presentation on Twitter for Business to a networking group that I belong to, Bay Area New Business Network, that was received well.  Following is the document that I used as a handout – adapted from a class on ‘The Language of Twitter for Business’ by Adnan Iftekhar.

An Overview of Twitter for Business

Twitter.com is considered a network of engagement – you follow people or companies you admire and want to learn from. By engaging with them, you begin to build a network. If fear is holding you back, know that the typical lifespan of a Tweet is three minutes, which means that if you make a mistake, very few people will ever see it.

A Twitter account consists of an account name, a handle (i.e. @PMBayArea) which is limited to 15 characters, and a profile description. Profiles with an Avatar (i.e. photo or logo) and banner get more attention than those with the generic Twitter egg.

Hashtags are categories consisting of names, subjects of interest, keywords etc. and are identified by the # symbol – i.e. #logistics, #supplychain etc.

A Tweet can include text, hashtags, handles and links. Images are recommended to catch the eye of your followers and potential followers. All of this must be under 140 characters.

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What should you be Tweeting?

  • Share a resource
  • Share an article or item of interest
  • Retweet making sure to acknowledge origin
  • Make an announcement
  • Ask a question
  • Offer a discounted service
  • Reply to a question
  • Share what is going on
  • Thank someone
  • Congratulate someone

Links to websites must be in a short-link form which can be gotten from services like Bit.ly or TinyURL or even from WordPress.

The format of your Tweet will determine who sees it.

  • Begin the Tweet with @name and the message will be seen only by you, the recipient and anyone following both of you
  • Include the @name anywhere inside the Tweet and the message will be seen by you, the @name and your followers
  • Direct messages can be sent by using the envelope icon at the top of the screen and will only be seen by you and the recipient


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