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Change Is Good, You Go First

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When a Business Process Specialist brought in to review processes, documentation and training is introduced to a group of company employees, one of two things generally happens. Well, first there is an immediate rush to judgment followed by either a here-we-go-again response or fear that there will be changes and they will not be good. With the right Business Process Specialist and the support of management, neither conclusion will become a reality. In fact, it is an opportunity to engage with the employees and empower them to improve their world so that they can then take part in growing the organization rather than being the reason for a lack of growth.

The saying, “If you can’t change the people, change the people,” seems very harsh at first glance. It very clearly illustrates the difference between transformation and change in an organization, but it should not be considered an excuse to clean house, so to speak. There may be a feeling that the company does not have the right people to get the job done, let alone to get it done in a way that increases sales, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction. However, with a thorough review of processes and documentation, both actual and intended, opportunities for improvement and automation will present themselves. That, along with the participation of employees and management, will prove that the company has the right people once they have efficient, scalable processes and ownership in the growth of the business.

The review process will also find the wrong people, the ones that are not in the right job or are not sufficiently committed, but they should be in the minority. For the most part, people want to be part of a successful business and they want to feel like they contribute to making it successful. Further, the business must commit to periodic process audits to ensure that processes are being performed as defined and documented, and that those processes remain relevant and appropriate when compared with current business requirements.

By and large, you CAN change the people (and processes and systems), so that you don’t have to change the people.


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