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Costco And Small Business Advice

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Can I be a small business owner and a fan of Costco? I think so, without even sacrificing my integrity.  There are many small, local businesses represented in the offerings at my Costco store and there are services offered through Costco that benefit small businesses nationwide.  That having been said, I want to share a very interesting article that appeared in the January 2015 edition of The Costco Connection titled, “Warning: Success Ahead!”.  Written by Kirk Dando, author and CEO of Dando Advisors, the article speaks about how things can go very wrong particularly as a company is growing and successful.  He lists five ‘danger signs’, but the one that spoke to me most was about the processes that fueled growth and success may not be adequate or right for continued success.  Check this article out and see how any of the warnings might apply to your business.

If you want to read about the full list of 12 warning signs that the five came from, check out Kirk Dando’s blog.









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