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Puppies And Kittens And Process Improvement

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At a recent get-together of recently launched and about-to-be launched business owners, the discussion turned to how to bring potential clients to our websites.  Two in our group have pet related businesses and can use the most “aawww”-inspiring images to draw people in and get them to stay and explore.  So, what about the Business Development consultant, the SEO and Web Services professional, and the Business Process consultant?  Are there evocative images for us that would catch the eye and generate interest?

process improvementWe all have products and services that would be of value to potential customers. Our businesses are not brick and mortar types, so generating traffic to our websites would be the equivalent of getting prospects in the door.  Our websites’ main page then could be considered the attractive window display or the mouth-watering scents wafting from an open door.  Once inside, there needs to be quality content to generate enough interest that the prospect will sign up to be on a mailing list or fill out a contact form requesting additional information.

Speaking for myself, I cannot help you with a business process review or a process improvement project if you don’t know who I am or where to find me.  If using an”aawww”-some image to get your attention, draws you in and piques your curiosity, then I am not above exploiting the kitten and puppy images. I am serious about my work and sharing my knowledge to help your processes flow more effectively and efficiently.

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