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Community Business Resources

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Community Business Resources

The following community business resources are a treasure trove of information and assistance, most of it low-cost or free.

[   ] The Small Business Administration website contains valuable information on starting and managing a business, financing a business, and connecting with local resources.  You will find SBA offices all over the country – regional offices, district offices, Small Business Development Centers as well as others supporting Veterans, Women, and those requiring Export Assistance. The SBA publishes weekly newsletters one of whom lists upcoming workshops in your area and the other contains updates on Small Business issues and links to blog posts.

[   ] If finding and working with a small business mentor, then SCORE is one of several options. In partnership with the Small Business Administration, SCORE offers individual mentoring from volunteers experienced in your line of work as well as webinars, online workshops, local workshops, and community events.

[   ] Your local Chamber of Commerce

[   ] Local Economic Development Organizations such as SAMCEDA in San Mateo County

Connect with Professional Organizations

  • Your local Better Business Bureau
  • Meet-Up Groups for your type of business or expertise
  • Subscribe to SBA newsletter announcing small business workshops
  • Subscribe to SCORE newsletter announcing small business workshops
  • Find organizations through directories like Weddle’s Association Directory
  • Alumni groups