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Supply Chain Risk – Supply Side

supply side management
In this post I am going to discuss the supply chain risks that exist outside a company’s walls – i.e. risks with the suppliers of services, of raw materials, of components, of finished goods, etc. These are the risks that we have control over and can plan for. Stuff-In-A-Box Wants it All They believe that they deserve and can get the best quality and the best price in the shortest time-frame. Th...

Puppies And Kittens And Process Improvement

puppies vs kittens
At a recent get-together of recently launched and about-to-be launched business owners, the discussion turned to how to bring potential clients to our websites.  Two in our group have pet related businesses and can use the most "aawww"-inspiring images to draw people in and get them to stay and explore.  So, what about the Business Development consultant, the SEO and Web Services professional, and...

Learning The Lingo

I speak your language
On the road to process improvement, it is not enough to just walk the walk.  We must also talk the talk.  By that I mean, we not only need to learn about our clients' business and how they do things, but also learn the vocabulary that is unique to each of the business groups we work with.  Mapping sessions and requirements gathering sessions are more productive when we can speak in terms that our ...

The Importance Of Asking The Right Questions

and How Much
There is nothing so discouraging as working through a process improvement project only to get to the end and finding that we had not fully solved the problem.  We either did not understand the problem, did not have the right people involved, did not ask the right questions, or a combination of the three.  Further analysis generally shows that the root cause was not asking the right questions.  The...