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First Things First, And Nothing Else

First Things First
On Productivity First Things First has become my mantra as I try to quiet the noise that comes from too many things that are critical, first priority, get done or else. And then I just do the first thing first. I don’t prioritize it. I don’t schedule it. I don’t put it on a list. I just do it (thanks to Nike and Seth Godin for the inspiration). Do it without thinking about what com...

The Case For Building A Better Box

In a strip from the beloved comic ‘Calvin and Hobbes’, Calvin is working on a crossword puzzle and tells Hobbes, “Number three across says ‘bird’”. While Hobbes is thinking, Calvin exclaims, “I’ve got it! Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker!” Hobbes points out that “there are only five boxes” to which Calvin responds, “I know. These idiots make you write real small.” Proving once again that a picture is wort...