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Why Process Matters

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Baked & Branded, a start-up tech services firm, wrote a very interesting blog post on the importance of process in business. Why Process Matters in Your Startup’ is geared to the startup environment, but the concepts translate seamlessly to more established business, successful or struggling.

“Process for process sake never has a good outcome..but..process done well can be a huge business advantage.” Process done well will have consistent, predictable results and is repeatable. The implementation of a process is not the end – it must be revisited on a periodic basis to ensure that it still makes sense as the business evolves. “Re-evaluate and make..process micro-pivots [for] optimal outcomes.”

As important as processes are, over-doing processes are as bad as having no processes at all. In some cases, such as on-boarding a new client, the process needs to be configurable based on the complexity of the client requirements.  The process here is not so much a step-by-step work instruction, but a “framework that can be easily tailorable and modified depending on the exact use case”.

As they close with, “Stay calm, and iterate on. Keep an open mind and adapt accordingly to keep your business running smoothly.”